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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Science experiment

Gentlemen. Bill feels like sharing a fun experiment with you that you can try for yourselves or on an unsuspecting friend. What you will need for this experiment is:

1) Salt
2) Ice cube

Now, place a teaspoon of salt anywhere on your body ( preferably somewhere noticeable, like on your forehead ) and firmly place the ice cube on top of the salt and press it down and let it sit for a while ( the longer the better ). Once your ready, remove the ice cube and see your results!

Have fun, and comment on your results!


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  2. Been awhile since I've heard this trick, ALWAYS effective

  3. Gonna go try this, stand by for results...not sure what to expect, but I sure hope this isn't some kind of sick trick mate.

  4. It should give you frostbite and severely hurt your arm and give you a possible scar.

  5. hahaha i bet someone tried