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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Tadpoles. Tadpoles eveywhere.

So its that rainy season of the year as we make are long awaited approach to summer, we are all getting rained on, our basements are flooding, tornadoes are killing people and there are dozens of toads having sex in my pool.

Yes, there has been massive reptile orgy sex in my pool. Every year I close my pool for the winter and in the spring when the tarp cover fills with water the local toads get it on and leave along these little babies as a present for Bill which is all so lovely. I had to put up with their high-pitched mating chirp for the past month and I am left with this great present. Now, what to do with them? I though of selling them, (like you know putting an ad on Kijiji saying "blah blah, $5 for a bucket full of tadpoles'') but I don't think I'd ever get around to it, so I have a better idea. Im going to just let them all grow and hatch into baby toads so they can inhabit my backyard as a toad defense force to protect me against pesky insects and mosquitos, and to terrorize my neighborhood. Now, Im not talking about a few hundread of them, there is literally between one and two THOUSAND of these things in there! Now this is going to give Bill some future entertainment to look forward too.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Science experiment

Gentlemen. Bill feels like sharing a fun experiment with you that you can try for yourselves or on an unsuspecting friend. What you will need for this experiment is:

1) Salt
2) Ice cube

Now, place a teaspoon of salt anywhere on your body ( preferably somewhere noticeable, like on your forehead ) and firmly place the ice cube on top of the salt and press it down and let it sit for a while ( the longer the better ). Once your ready, remove the ice cube and see your results!

Have fun, and comment on your results!