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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Making money online with Cashcrate

This isn't going to be one of those overwhelming spam articles or blog like all the others, bragging about miraculous ways to make easily hundreds of dollars each day with no effort. Those are all scams, and none work. Although, there are a few legitimate sites that do offer ways to earn money and are usually in the form of answering surveys on these sites; which are in turn sent to big companies for money and share a margin of the profit with the users.

One of the most attractive sites I've come across has been CashCrate, with time easily earning myself approximately: $10.56. Now myself being outside of the United States, I didn't earn as much money as i could, as the majority of the surveys favor Americans. Now, doing surveys here and there can appeal to a teenager without a summer job who would want to make a few bucks, the most successful people are the ones who refer people; which in a simple term are people who are invite people to the site, giving the inviter a special bonus percent of money credited to them on top of what the joiners make. So, say you make $1.00 , I'll make $0.05 in return. So i want you to make money and i want you to be successful, because in the end we are both happy. : )

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My proud $10.56 account balance after a few hours use.

Multiculturism - The destruction of races

Belonging to European descent myself, I take pride in being who i am and my long family bloodline and heritage and have concluded that I would not date outside my race, for 2 reasons: One, I'm not sexually attracted to other races; And two I want to preserve my heritage when i pass down my genetic legacy. Many dimwits would think that I am some kind of ignorant racist but I am truly not, I can accept other races but despite what many Liberals say, races don't mix well in a integrated society, bring with them violence and isolated "Groups" of different cultures who compete with others, not the mention the religious aspect that comes with multicultural societies.

In spite of this interracial couples water down their genes and nationalities with that of others, creating a mixed race, not holding the full characteristics of their native race, think of it like huge mixed dog breed. If humans don't find a way to cope with this mass immigration and interracial / multicultural controversy , I can see in the next decade there to not be anymore distinct races but a sad mix of them, with the last remnants of great races dying out from assimilation genocide.