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Friday, 8 April 2011

Why consoles suck and PC is the king

Consoles truly are the plague of the gaming industry: encouraging many developers to not seek innovations but instead to develop at a lower industry standard set by the outdated, inferior and obsolete generation. Without consoles, the games we play, and with most certainty, our technological forms of entertainment as a whole would be far beyond what we have today. I have experienced both sides of the picture, for consoles as a young ignorant child playing nearly all my games on, before later learning what I was really missing out out on and what I was playing was merely a watered-down version of the big picture that I would yet to see. With this said, I would like to share with you ten points why the PC is superior to the inferior console.

Yeah, I'm on the right side.

1) Cheaper Games:

Publishing and licensing costs used by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo raise up the price tag on consoles. PC games don't have this "royalty" fee.

2) Mouse and keyboard support:

 The mouse and keyboard offer unparalleled accuracy and precision on all genres of games, many kids would argue otherwise because they've grown up on controllers, but we all know that those fidgety analog sticks would never out perform a good mouse and keyboard. The good thing is almost all gaming controllers are also backwards compatible with PC.

3) Playing online multilayer is free:

Theres no need to pay for some service to play your games online, unlike Xbox live users, who even pay for a connection that is free "P2P" while the PC community has dedicated servers which offer lag-free games and are not limited to a small "12 vs 12" game.

4) PC is upgradeable:

Thats right, every single component in your box is upgradeable, allowing you to fully customize your rig to your liking and maximizing performance. With consoles, you just throw it out and buy a new one.

5)  Free mods:

PC has always had a massive modding community, adding free new content playability to all your games. Besides maybe Little Big Planet, consoles are left in the rain for this one.

6) Graphics:

While consoles use outdated hardware from 2004, PC keeps moving forward allowing you to maximize your experience with the latest and best graphics, and highest resolutions, something only a console can dream of doing.

7) You're not confined to an online service:

Console users often find themselves trapped in this online service, having to deal with downtime, console-restricting DRM and silly licensing agreements.  PC users are free to do as they please.

8)  Old games don't get left in the dust:

Long after the publishers abandon their support for old games the community offers unofficial, free, support for these games. This tireless effort by its fans offer Bug fixes, enhancements, new hardware support, keeping these games living long past their expiring date.

9) Unlimited storage space:

Being another bottleneck for consoles, the Xbox 360 is capped at what ever it can fit on a DVD. Aswell the PlayStation 3 has to struggle with its turgid Blu-ray access and enforced installs. PC games can meanwhile, sit happily unabused on your simply unlimited hard drive. Sweet.

10) Freeware:

There is a massive, untapped market of seamlessly free games in the thousands available to the PC, which would cost you on the console. And yes, they're legit.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Big telecomunication companies bandwidth raping its customers

Like many other people (including many of my fellow bloggers) use the internet for a wide variety of things, from the use of downloading movies, music, games, to socializing, studying, work, everything. This making internet usage a very important part of our lives.

With more and more people looking to the internet for their daily tasks, companies such as Bell, Rogers and the dreaded Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications commission (CRTC) have come with with a sneaky "Back-door" tactic to pour out more money from its customers with an internet pay meter, charging as much as $2 more for every GB you go over. One of the ironic things about this which really pisses me off is that it costs these companies as little as $0.01 per GB to route information to us, the customers. With myself being a heavy internet user and often downloading games off Steam and watching streaming videos online have already been affected by this, previously paying a hefty $35 fee on top of my bill a few months back, which has had me considering to change my ISP to a more reliable provider Teksavvy. They, (unlike many of the other greedy ISP's) actually don't support this bloody meter and they aren't one that's always seeking for another way to make its customers bleed more money. On a related note, it always has been Bell, the who has been sending reps from India to constantly harass my phone line, urging me to switch. HA!

Demonstrators gather in down-town Toronto Friday, Feb, 4th, 2011
for a 'Stop The Internet Meter' to protest the usage-based billing.

Now, these companies, (like what they do best) are trying to hide the publics eyes from this and keep the population uninformed so they can do their magic behind the curtains and the relative majority of people don't even know whats going on. So do what i did, help fight the Usage Based Billing, and sign the meter:

Aswell, here are a few videos you may want to see:


Monday, 4 April 2011

Islamization of Europe

This is growing and growing subject throughout the world and is becoming a reality, mainly in European countries, notably England, Germany, Holland, Sweden and France. The root cause: Fertility rate; Native Europeans are not having enough children, pressuring many countries to open their doors, with the bulk of the immigrants coming from Islamic countries. Bringing with them are, most notably the Islamic extremists are their religious traits, such as a man allowed to beat and rape a women who would show who face in public, which obviously not looked kindly upon by the western world. This is making much of the current population feel threatened and many agree (including myself) that Europe is being assimilated, with much leaders doing little or nothing to curb the mass immigration, to not risk themselves being labeled "Racist". Many of the immigrants don't speak their new countries language, refuse to do so, and many drag themselves to slums where they form isolated pockets of Islamic neighborhoods, with many putting weight on the welfare system, hurting tax-payers. Futhermore this has been causing many nationalist groups to gain attention and many more people are voting Right-Winged governments, which have more strict rules on immigration. I think is Europe should do is pay families to have babies, seems to be working in Russia.


 One of the most shocking, yet enlightening videos I've ever seen.


British Muslims protest - Is this really the future of tomorrow?

Muslims crowd a European street to pray, local by-standers and authorities do nothing.

 Myself hoping to visit Europe one day, want to see European culture, people and heritage, not a multicultural society with much of its native culture assimilated, by the looks of it Europe does not have a very bright future.

**Note, i am not racist, or am i try to discriminate racial groups, simply trying to enlighten people of the concerning Islamic movements.