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Friday, 15 July 2011

Hard Drive failure.

Well shit. That is the thought going through my mind after realization of my hard-drive failing. You know the second drive you keep in your computer where you put all your special information and files you collect over the countless year. My 1 TB hard drive decided to die on me this morning and im left in a slippery situation and am doing all I can to troubleshoot the root cause and fix this mess, all I hope is my data is still recoverable.  Out of the 1Tb of data, I have 800gb filled with irreplaceable data. Im sure many of you reading this have something similiar to the set-up I have, with all my movies, music, pictures, work, everything. I have no back up so if i cant fix it and its corrupt im screwed. Ill continue my scans, configuration, search for recovery software and hopefully this isnt my hard drives last breathe of air. Wish me luck.


  1. im sorry, i dont have a backup internal. instead i have an external but its the same thing i suppose.

  2. Oh no.. Hit me back,

  3. i do have an email you can contact me by and it is:
    sorry about the harddrive failure again :(